Aroma welcomes you on a journey through a wide range of exotic flavours and subtle tastes that represent the rich heritage of India. Enjoy the elegance of fine dining as we delicately prepare each dish that boasts its own distinctive flavour and aroma. Only fresh ingredients are used to tempt your appetite.

The fragrant and pungent spices of India are blended fresh daily in an exacting, centuries old craft, indispensible to Indian cuisine. The surrounding graceful décor allows you to experience the heart of India’s cuisine.

Consider our home yours as you receive our unique hospitality and a satisfying and pleasant meal.

We trust you will enjoy our service and return with family and friends to share this experience.


The Chef

I have created an exclusive menu taking into consideration the variety that the people in the North of England are accustomed to, from the very mild to the highly spiced dishes designed to suit every palate. I have also included innovative dishes for more adventurous diners and our exclusive menu has many specialty dishes including duck, mussels, clams and fish that you would not find in traditional Indian restaurants.


In the Indian subcontinent whole spices are traditionally grinded by hand with a pestle and mortar, and there is no doubt that freshly ground spices enhances and intensifies the taste and aroma and for this reason I adhere to the same practices so that the taste of my dishes is not compromised.